Monday, May 13, 2013

The Y Chromosome

The age long question in my mind is what personality characteristics differs in the "X" and "Y" Chromosome?

Of course, you all know the "X" is the female, the "Y" is the male.

Through my years of adventures known as life, I have come to discover, many of our personality traits are similar.  Maybe they aren't the same, but similar.  For example, men like to hunt, atleast some do. They like to "bag a deer," get a pheasant, etc.  Women, on the other hand like to "bag a bargain," get that "deal" in the bag. You see, not the same, but similar.

But one real difference is, men do not see when the toilet paper roll is empty. I can't figure this one out.  They may be able to tell the toilet seat is up or down, but the toilet paper roll could be out, nothing there, end of story. You sit down to do your business and sheesh...nuttin honey. G-r-r-r!

Today was a mini comic relief for me.  The man of the house finally noticed the roll was "getting low" so he put the new roll of toilet paper on top for the ready.  Really?  You call this getting low?

Perhaps my expectations are too high.

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