Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over 50

Officially, I am a member of AARP.  When did this happen?  Last time I looked I was in my 40's. Oh, yea, that was when my teenagers stole my youth. It must have been the late nights staying up waiting to hear the garage door go up, knowing they were safe.

But all of that is past and the angst is long forgotten.

Now, however, I check out the website of AARP. What is the news?
I am not ready for this.

Here is their list of things not to do after 50...

Do not drink jello shots.
Do not sing karaoke after midnight.
Do not mud wrestle.
Do not collect owls, garden statuary, silk flowers, or for that matter, do not collect anything.
Do not drink champagne from a shoe.
Do not participate in a wet t-shirt contest.
Do not single space your Christmas letter.

Nope, not ready for the AARP yet.  I still have things on my bucket list on their "Do Not" list.  Sorry AARP, maybe next decade.

Always wanted to drink champagne from a shoe.....

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