Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eco Friendly Iron

I stumbled upon a product today that I have to wonder about. It is the Rowenta Eco Intelligence Iron.  It sells for $120.

Do you notice the celery green color?  Is that what is supposed to give us the illusion of "being green"? Honestly, I think manufacturers think consumers are idiots. Do you know anyone who leaves their iron on so long as to be detrimental to the eco system? I don't!

We are invited to 5 weddings this far.  Not one, I repeat, not one, has an iron on their gift registry. Who irons anymore?  Very few.  If they do, it's for a quick touch up before heading out the door.

The days of ironing basket upon basket of cotton clothing is over. Manufacturers need to concentrate on engineering an iron with an efficient and even spread of steam, a non stick sole plate and...cordless would be nice.

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