Friday, January 25, 2013


I have been wanting to make this since we were in Italy and I found the wonderful citrus flavored liqueur everywhere.  Italians think of lemoncello as a aperitif that settles your stomach after a meal. They never have more than one tiny glass, which I now understand since the recipe calls for Everclear (a grain alcohol with virtually no taste, oh and it happens to be 190 proof!)

First you gather up the main ingredients (more will be added later).
-one liter of Everclear
-12-15 lemons (washed thoroughly).
BTW, I use lemons off my tree and they have no spray on them.  If you use store bought lemons, use organic as the pesticide sprays can give an off taste to your lemoncello.

Step 2:
Use a peeler to gently remove just the bright yellow portion of the lemon peel; no white pith, or your lemoncello could be bitter.

Step 3:
Store your lemon/Everclear mixture in a clear glass container.  Let steep for 14-21 days, until the liquid is bright yellow and the lemon peel has lost it's color.

Stay tuned for Part II of this recipe!

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