Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Summer

Summer is here with a vengence!
I knew this morning when I woke up and at 7:30 it was 99 degrees oustide. That azure Arizona sky streaming through my window was both beautiful and telling at the same time. The telling is...there is no stopping the HOT sun!

 It's a good day to read a book. Here's one you should try out. My soon to be daughter-in-law recommended it to me and it looks like a winner. It's called "The Girls From Ames" by Jeffrey Zaslow. It really is about some girls (women) from Ames, Iowa. It follows their friendship through decades. For those of you with friendships you hold dear, one thing he said he discovered is, if you have your "old" friends when you turn 40, you most likely will have them through your lifetime. Why? The 40's are when you are the busiest, establishing your career, your personal life, raising your children, just plain living! If you cherish and nurture your friendships during these busy times, the idea is you will also cherish and nurture your friendships during the less busy times.

 I learned a new phrase today. It is called "bumbling", another good thing to do in the summer. Bumbling is walking around without purpose. Summer is a grand time to go bumbling! Just look at little ones, they are expert bumblers. Yet I marvel at their discoveries.

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