Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Frugal

Last night I spoke with a neighbor who told me he replaced all of his house fixture light bulbs with LED warm white lightbulbs and is experiencing a $150/month savings.  I better preface this with, he has 13 year old TRIPLETS!! Bet they do burn through some lightbulbs!  :)  The point is well taken though.  Since LED lightbulbs have improved so much, it may be worth a try as the old lightbulbs burn out.  (And since I hate the CFL's!)

I had a need today.  I go through tissues like crazy, blot my nose, wipe off make up smudges, etc. I hate always lugging the big boxes of tissue from Costco.  Seems crazy.  So I tried this today and it works like a charm.

Here is the original tissue container.

Here is your basic toilet tissue.

Open the tissue holder and insert toilet tissue.

Tape and .....


It works great for those little jobs that require only a couple of squares. Imagine the possibilities for the Mommies of the world, artists, anything that requires a simple wipe/blot.

**My inner Heloise is hard at work today!!  :)

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