Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Friday!

Holy Cow!  Another week gone by?

So, wazzup?

 We had a terrific weekend at a adding in Sedona. Kali and Chris were a fun bride and groom, the setting lovely and family around was the best!

Sisters-in-law and lots of face time was terrific.  I am so lucky to have the best SIL in the whole world!

Speaking of weddings, love some songs they play at weddings.  Have you heard this one?  Sorry I can only find it on this blog post.  If you can identify it, let me know.  I tried to "Shazam" it, but no luck there either. (Play the video-and thanks to Hannah Hudson of Stonehouse Photo. Check her out if your are interested in getting some photography done.)

On to Monday and some minor surgery.  I had a cyst on my shoulder and had it removed.  No big deal, just some downtime with not being a mobile as I'm used to. I could milk this and make it an entire blog post, but since I'm not blogging as frequently, I'll just hit the highlights.

However, if anyone wants to feel sorry for me and come do my ironing, you're hired!  Yea, just as I thought, no takers. :(

The water softener hit the dirt today.  Bummer. But I knew it was on it's last leg, so rather than patch it we're buying a new one.  Guess what?  Consumer reports hasn't reviewed water softeners!  Jeesh, enough with the cars already, let's get into water softeners!

Hasta La Vista, Baby!  Enjoy your weekend!!

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