Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday, Hump Day

Can it be Wednesday already? Seems like the week has been a blur. Maybe it was because I was incapacitated for a couple of days being so dang stiff from a combination of exercise and planting annuals. Crazy, this being out of shape.  Yes, I know the answer to that!

Today is clean up, fix up.  I have an HVAC guy here to do the semi-annual maintenance so we (hopefully) won't have any A/C breakdowns when the temps reach 120.  I also have a tree trimmer on his way.  We do have monsoons in Arizona.  They don't pack a great deal of rain, but the wind can snap tree branches. I am hoping a little preventative trimming will alleviate any problem branch breakage.

Tomorrow is house cleaning day.  I am also headed to the Farmers Market to pick up some posies for my sad, empty vases!  

Now off to Jazzercise to fight off this infernal being out of shape....

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