Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oooh, Ouch!!

If I were to ask, What is the designer that makes women's stilleto heels with a signature red patent leather sole" most of you would know it is Christian Louboutin. I have tried on his shoes. They start at about $500 and go to about $7,000/pair. Some are magnificently gorgeous, others are, well, bizarre. All of them are, to some extent, uncomfortable. Even "Christian" himself denounces the importance of comfort in a woman's shoe, saying he is after the museum-worthy shoe. Ladies, I think it's high time we rebel. No more "equal pay for equal work." it's time for "sexy and comfortable shoes!" Now we have come to a new low. I know some of you won't be surprised to hear this.... There is a cosmetic surgical procedure you can have to reconstruct your feet so you can wear these shoes. Really!! Its's called the"Loub Job". Get it? It's so you can wear the stilleto Christian Loubotins and others like his. It involves reconstructing the foot, breaking bones, removing bones to make the foot narrower and adding fat pads to the ball of your foot. Think of it, an area about the size of a deck of cards is supporting your entire weight. No how! I don't know but I think Mr. Louboutin needs to walk around a day in his designer stilletos to test drive them. I am waiting for the law suits by women who have had permanent disabilities from wearing his shoes. I mean if you can sue McDonalds for having hot coffee.....

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