Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday; Let's Get Organized

Man oh man, this weekend was rough.  Foxtrot Freddie and I planted 280 annuals. I shouldn't complain as he did more than his fair share.  However, the aches and pains of gardening remind me of the muscles I should be using but have let go dormant for far too long!

Since this was a weekend of getting projects done,  I took out my wonderful, vintage Elna sewing machine (circa 1970) and mended everything I had stashed for the "someday I'll get this done" stack. How many of you have sewing machines that don't get frequent use?  Then when you take them out, you also have to dig to find the manual to remind you how to thread the darn thing!  It's actually quite embarrassing I can't remember how to do that.

A lightbulb went off and rather than take the thread completely out of the machine when I put it away, I merely snipped the thread and left my dear Elna threaded so next time I will know exactly how to thread it and avoid that annoying step of finding the manual and paging through it to find out how it goes.

So there you have it, your organizing tip of the day, keep the sewing machine threaded when you put it away to save time and avoid frustration next time you use it!

Next, I had this brilliant idea of separating my capri pants from my long pants...but how could I best do that with my limited closet space??  Then I thought, how do Moms organize their children's clothing?  Say you have two kids sharing the same closet...or you have a growing baby/toddler.  How can you keep track of the sizes so you don't skip an outfit before they outgrow it?  Welcome to the internet!  I found these...

Incase you don't recognize this item, it's a closet rod divider.  You see them at every clothing store.  These come in different colors, tab markings, etc. and are inexpensive to boot!  You can order them online here!

Ciao! Happy Monday!!

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