Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mommy Advice

How do you give children advices without them becoming "Mommy Deaf"? It depends on the age. If they are young, you can cajole, deflect, or sometimes, it is just a plain power struggle and you must insist over wails of tears.
When they are teenagers, some argue that no matter what or how you say things, you are tuned out. It has been found that if you give teens a voice, over small things at first, they test their skills in decision making, live the consequences and learn from their mistakes. (That is providing parents allow their children to experience the consequences.) When they are adult children and could benefit by their parent's experience/wisdom, it's even more difficult to impart ideas without stepping on toes. At this point in time, no sense being the "helicopter" parent and hovering, but allow life to be it's own teacher and be there for their questions.

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