Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day weekend.  I know a lot of people are using this time to barbecue and get together.  What a great way to celebrate our freedom, with friends and family, enjoying each other's company and great home cooking!

I remember my childhood...we would go to my grandparent's house, have the best fried chicken dinner in the entire world, then everyone would pile into the car to drive around the cemetery to celebrate "Decoration Day." It was a big deal.  Everyone was there, sometimes they even had to have a policeman directing traffic. Some years the trip to the cemetery came right after the parade where the local high school bands would play a John Philip Sousa patriotic march and my Grandpa would ride on a float, being an honored WWI veteran.  I was so proud of him!  You bet I had a flag in hand waving it wildly when he passed by.

Today I set out my flags, left over from Inauguration parades of Clinton and Reagan, when we lived in Washington, DC.  Again, my heart was filled with such pride to live in this wonderful country, seeing the presidential parade slide by my boys and me (and hundreds of thousands of other people) realizing we were part of history at that very snapshot in time. Today as I look out my front courtyard and see these flags shimmering in the Arizona sun and breeze, I take pause in thanking all the brave men, women, and leaders who have served our country.

I remember "Decoration Day" and think of the lone headstone that means so much to me at Ft. Snelling Cemetery in Minneapolis, where an American flag decorates the grave of my Dad and now my Mom.
Memorial Day...a time to reflect and remember and be grateful.

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