Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Valley of the Sun

We are not known to be "The Valley Of The Sun" for nuttin', honey!

Here we are, getting our first glimpse of 100 degrees by this weekend. It's a little early. Sometimes this doesn't happen till mid-June.

I had to celebrate our 90+ degree day today by taking a long walk.

Loved the lemons hanging off everyone's trees.  Walking by these trees with their bright yellow fruit and their intoxicatingly fragrant blossoms make me want to stop and take it all in. Yummmmm!  Think I have to try a new recipe.  Stay tuned, lemoncello, one of my favs, is on the way someday soon!

The flowers are in their glory. Every bloom is popping, drinking in all the sun.  I don't have the heart to tell these little beauties, soon the sun's rays will fry them.  :(

The palo verde tree blossoms arch the streets with delicate little yellow blooms...thousands of them.  I love 'em, but then again, I am not allergic to them.

Add to this outstandingly gorgeous day, some favorite tunes from my iPod and I feel like bouncing as I walk!

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