Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Things

See this?

I sprained my wrist. Dang! It's holding me back.  One thing I hate is to be held back.  It's not easy to have only one useful hand.

Last night we went to a Safari Night Fundraiser held at the Phoenix Zoo. Interesting, it had nothing to do with animals or the zoo.  It was a fundraiser to build medical clinics in Africa. What a valiant effort spearheaded by two energetic, caring individuals, Tony and Abby!

Foxtrot Freddie got into the spirit of things.

Then today when I went to church they spoke of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative to wipe out malaria in Africa by 2015.  Evidently 1500+ people a day die from malaria! Hmmm...seem to go hand in hand.

You may want to think about supporting one or both of these organizations.  I know your help would be appreciated by either!

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