Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Injustice of it All

If you are a regular reader you know the Queen Mum, my dear Mother, passed away in March. Of course, there are feelings of void, of loss and that yearning to be loved like only a Mom can do. But life marches on.  I am happy she is in a better place and didn't have to suffer.

What really riles me, is the crazies that make no effort to consider extenuating circumstances.  You might scratch your head and wonder what the heck I am talking about... Here goes...

Mom rented an apartment.  Infact, she called it home for 20 years. The lease read that you must give a 30 day notice.  If you don't give a 30 day notice your "fine" is DOUBLE the rent.  I put in the notice (written) March 6th and stated that we would have Mom's belongings out by March 31st.  Not good enough. Mom had have to give notice by April 1st and pay rent till April 30th.  They also included in the letter, they want the apartment walls washed, the windows washed, the carpet shampooed, the refrigerator cleaned, the stove cleaned and both appliances moved out and cleaned behind. Or again, the fees for cleaning are $125/hour and are DOUBLED if rent is past due. Of course, this letter was received two weeks after Mom died and after I got back to Arizona.

I called and explained. "So sorry, we cannot do anything about this.  Infact, consider yourself lucky.  We could charge for 60 days notice but decided 30 was better", they said.

They could have "turned" this apartment in 25 days, easily.  There is a waiting list to get into this place.

Today I received a letter addressed to the Queen Mum for non-payment of rent, late fee and rent due...DOUBLED.  G-R-R-R!

Thanks readers for letting me rant.  I needed that.

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Jim said...

Maxine gets the last laugh. She's not around to pay these charges, and no one else is responsible for them. The facility is just plain dumb to be making an issue of them.