Monday, April 23, 2012

Helpful Hints

It's Monday...Time to get organized!!

I read this today. It's by Erma Bombeck, a true American humorist.

When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single
bit of talent left and could say
"I used everything you gave me"

I hope we all feel that way at the end of our days!

Next, I read an interview with Jeremy Irons, where the interviewer said "You've been known to be difficult, yet you've been married for 34 years. What is the key?" He responded, "Commitment. Having that stability allows you to take risks in other areas."
**USA Weekend

If you have a person in your home that is less tidy than you are, sit them down and say, "It looks like this room isn't working for you.  What an we do to make it easier for you to work/live in?" Rather than give that person your ideas on how to be better organized, let them think about how they work and how the room can be organized to fit their style.

Did you know????
**Toilet paper should be rolled from the top down.  I know you have been arguing about this very thing for decades!  :)
True! If you roll it from the bottom, the embossed design doesn't show, it looks inside out.

**Towels and sheets should be washed before you use them. Linens have "finishers" sprayed on them to make us consumers like their "feel" and want to buy them. The problem is, these "finishers" have formaldehyde in them and can cause skin irritation. (Another reason to wash all baby clothes before they wear them, by the way.)

**You should wash your sharp knives by hand. Putting them in the dishwasher can knick and dull the blade and cause the handle to loosen.

**The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior reports talking with your Mother on the phone reduces stress levels.  The theory is the sound of her voice has a calming effect. (It's the sound, not what she text messaging or email isn't the same. Sorry!)

Thought I'd put some ideas to use...

Save those rubber bands on the vegetables. Use them on hangers to keep your clothes from sliding off.  Grandma would be proud of your repurposing!!

To go with the theme of your party, buy some gel stick-ons for your wine/beer/beverage markers.  Easy to peel off and you don't have that constant clinking of the wine glass stem slider, cheaper too!

I've given this to you before, but I use them for everything!  Buy some pony tail holders and use them for cord bungees! Honestly, they work great and help with keeping those dang cords out of your way! (Great to help packing too!)

Keep those cheap shower caps you find in the hotel amenities.  Wrap your shoes in them before putting your shoes in your luggage.  It will help keep your clothes clean!

Happy Monday Ya' All!!

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