Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flat Stanley

If you know of a child in the range of 2nd to 4th grade, chances are you've heard of "Flat Stanley".  Flat Stanley is a learning tool that has been around since the mid 1990's. Basically children in a classroom have a "paper doll" or some other token of a person or animal (think the traveling gnome). They write a letter and the idea is to have the paper doll (hence Flat Stanley) or token animal travel around to various locations. The children learn about writing, geography, experiences and yes, it can even be their first foray into social media as Flat Stanley is now an Apple App!

My dear, sweet, cousin, a 2nd grader, sent me "Tiger".  Tiger was on her way as I love this sort of thing! (Right, I know I have an arrested development of a 2nd grader-no comments please!)

Tiger has had a good school year.She has gone on cruises...

She's been to the top of the John Hancock Building in Chicago...

She has had a VIP Tour at The Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston...

She flew to Hawaii and was greeted by a Hawaiian Cultural Expert where she learned her Hawaiian name is Kika.

She has been swimming in Scottsdale, Arizona for Thanksgiving, skiing with the Elf on the Shelf in Colorado for Christmas, been in Time's Square in New York City for the ball drop on New Year's Eve, and been to Los Angeles on a date for the Oscars!  (Yes, that's for real!!)

Tiger has gone to other places and had more adventures, suffice to say Tiger is getting tired.

Tiger is now approaching the end of the school year and it's time to return Tiger and her journal back to Rose. What Rose doesn't know is Tiger has grown a bit this school year and Rose will find a bigger Tiger coming home to her!

What a fun thing to do with kids!  Kudos to Rose's teacher!

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