Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Tomorrow

Yeppers, tomorrow is VD. That means hearts and flowers all around.  I am one of those incurable romantics that think everyone should love Valentine's Day. Oh, I know there are nay-sayers.  Look hard enough and you'll always find someone to come suck the life blood out of anything positive and fun.

I do know some guys, especially, feel pressure to be romantic, show their love and feel expensive jewelry is necessary for their true love.  Trying to anticipate someone else's feelings, then feel like you don't (or can never) measure up, can make one dislike the holiday.

No fear, this holiday isn't to lavish the gifts, it's to be kind, share that extra hug, or kiss, or special time together. If you don't have a significant other, it's a time to call a friend, send a loving note to a family member or simply pay forward an act of kindness to a co-worker.

So, you're still stumped about what you can do?
Here are some tips:
* Make dinner
* Buy favorite ice cream.
* Buy some wine for a special treat.
* Buy ( or make) a card.

For kids:
* Get something red for them to wear.
* Make a red heart banner and tell them all the reasons you love them.
* Make some cut out sugar cookies in the shape of hearts.
* At your family dinner, everyone share something they love most about another family member.

For friends/co-workers:
* Have a pot luck lunch or dinner.
* Skype your friends, wear red so they can see you.
* Have an annual brunch or lunch.

Oh...and...remember the conversation hearts!

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