Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things Are Popping

It's a busy week in Lake Wobegon...oh, wait, it's Scottsdale, Arizona!

We have our second group of winter visitors in a week.  That mean lots of things to do and show, or as I say..."Go, See, Do...Go, See, Do..."

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is in town.  It is a fantastic horse show with people and animals from all over the world to be shown and traded.  There are classes, exhibitions and displays. Everyone from princes from the Middle East to movie stars will be here. Along with all of the horse business, there are expensive boutiques that set up shop in the pavilions and great food vendors to try their best to woo you. The luxurious private aircraft will be filling our local airports bringing in the wealthy.

If you like art, we have the Annual Thunderbird Artists Show. It is a juried art fair of hundreds of awesome artists from the USA. The art fair is held in Old Town Scottsdale "The West's Most Western Town".

I also found out we have the best of the South Korean baseball teams here using the spring training facilities of the Cactus League. They are here for the month of February. They leave just in time for the 14 teams of the Cactus League to come to town for their spring training. How can we find the time to take in a ballgame?!

The weather forecast...sunny and warm with a good chance of getting warmer! Great time to be in Arizona!

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