Monday, February 20, 2012

Job Hunting

The job market is tight these days, everyone knows that.  One has to wonder what old rules apply, what new rules apply.

Everyone has to update their resume when job hunting. Almost everyone has to send it via internet or email.  Very few companies accept resumes sent through snail mail today.

One thing has not changed, however.  That is the hand written thank you note for the interview.  According to Ed Scannell, author of The Big Book of People Skills" sending a hand written note written on nice stationery indicates common courtesy and shows the candidate may excel in customer service. A hand written note will definitely give one candidate an edge over another if they seem equally qualified for the position.

Here are some helpful hints.

Carry the note card with you in the car. Immediately after finishing the interview, write the thank you.
Use the 3-3-3 policy; Take 3 minutes to write the note, use three lines to thank the person and mail it within 3 days of the interview.

Professional look; Solid color notes; nothing cutesy or loud.

Write neatly. Check the spelling.

Address the envelope with the person's name and address on the front and in the center of the envelope. Your return address should be on the upper left hand corner. * Use the person's correct title on the envelope.

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