Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ice Fishing

Yes, I grew up in Minnesota.
Yes, I went ice fishing.
Yes, it was fun!

Go figure!  I am sure most of you who have never been/care to go/have ever heard of ice fishing think I'm crazy. However, it is fun!  Of course, I am not a purist, I did fish in a "fish house" a 10 x10 plywood structure that had a heater in it.  We were able to take off our coats, have libations and a myriad of junk food for sustenance while the fish decided whether or not to nibble on our hook.  Most often, they did!  I personally thought it was a miracle when this happened.  I really went ice fishing for the libations and junk food-oh, and the company.  (Much like I go to baseball games for the peanuts, cracker jacks, nachos, cotton candy, beer, etc.---not the actual game of baseball!)

I have a dear cousin who has little twin daughters. The entire family likes to fish, even ice fish!  They were in a magazine recently that I thought was so cute, I had to share.

Granted, this ice season has been a tough one for most parts of the ice belt, however, it's never too late to show the youth of our sport a good time and get them out chasing panfish! Especially at late ice--when panfish are putting on the feed bags--we can find constant action for anglers of all skill levels. Outside of the fish activity, we generally have warmer and more comfortable temperatures, making it more enjoyable for all who are involved!

So yes, it might be March, but there are still opportunities to get your son(s) or daughter(s), grandkids, nieces and nephews, or just the younger generation out sharing the great sport we love... ice fishing!!!

The lucky anglers below used the Fish Scout 1000 underwater camera to help them catch their fish.  Another great Vexilar product that is fun to use for all ages. Rumor has it that Rose and Ruby found a new "secret bait" (string cheese!)

Come on, makes you smile, doesn't it?

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