Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home Again, Home Again...

Back home again...  Now it's time to spiff up the house for the Arizona winter visitors. 

I have always done "spring" housecleaning. Sometimes the "spring" cleaning is done earlier than true spring.  Sometimes it's done right after I take the Christmas tree down and sometimes I do it about now, when I feel the days start getting longer and the sun comes streaming through my windows a little stronger.

That is deep cleaning time; pull the furniture out, vacuum behind it, wipe down the door tops, air out the bed pillows, launder everything that can be laundered in the linen department and throw open the windows for some of that fresh air! I clean the drawers, cupboards, refrigerator and stove, put "Tang" in the dishwasher to clean it out.  Yes, the acid in Tang does the trick! Pour vinegar in the wash machine and put it through a cycle and do the same with the coffee pot.

I also do a little shopping to see what the latest and greatest is in the accessory department.  It doesn't take much (time or money) to freshen the look up a bit.

Tired of this rustic vase look I replaced it with

Some cool new "floating frames" on sale from West Elm.

I enjoy my outdoor garden living room, so bright and airy...but it needed something

Turned out it was just a pillow cover from Pottery Barn

Then there was the proverbial junk drawer in the kitchen..  The catch-all that was driving me crazy...

Add a couple of drawer dividers from The Container Store and voila...

By the way, if I go shopping for more lip gloss, just remind me I have atleast a dozen tubes in that drawer.  (I did have to toss a few!)

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