Friday, February 17, 2012

Has It Gone Too Far?

I have to admit, I am a little freaked about this. I read an article, so I checked it out and sure enough, it's true.

There is now a website to help you find your true love. Oh, there are many of those, I know.  This one is different, you can find out if you and the person you met on the plane are compatible for more than that 4 hour flight.  That's right.  Say you are on  flight  ABC Airline, flight #123 from Los Angeles to New York on Tuesday, February 14.  You were seated in 7A.  You were chatting away with the guy sitting in 7B.  Now you can go on and find out the guy's name and information.  You can contact him, or he can contact you.  He can google you, get your contact information, stalk you, you name it (and vice versa).

What about that suave business person in First Class?  How about googling him and seeing how you can connect. Or perhaps the man/woman in 4D was a jerk and you want to write him/her a letter. Maybe you can find out what company he/she works for and cause problems that way.

I have had issues with internet security in the past, coming to terms with it, never feeling entirely comfortable, but accepting that is is part of using the internet. When I travel, am I the only one that wants to be anonymous, except to the people I choose to introduce myself to? I don't suspect I would have many people googling me to make a hot date, but the mere fact that they can get information about me, I don't much care for.

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