Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Back into The Routine

When one returns from a trip, things need to get done.  The mail needs attending, groceries need to be restocked, bills need to be paid and the laundry needs to get washed, folded, ironed and put away, and the house freshened up from being closed down.

To this end, is my blog post today.

I was reading my mail.  I have to pay my utility bill. I just barely look at the thing month after month.  After all, it is what it is, I need electricity. Pay it and get on my way.  However, something compelled me to take a look.

Here's what I pay:
Peak hours
Off peak hours

Okay, I get this, it is what I use.
Then I looked further down the line...

Basic service fee
Delivery service fee
Environmental impact fee
Federal environment fee
System fee
Power supply fee
Metering fee
Meter reading fee
Billing fee
Federal transmission fee
Regulatory assessment fee
State tax
County tax
City tax
Franchise fee

The fees alone total up to $167.11! I kind of wish I hadn't looked.  I still need electricity, so I have to pay it. :(

Browsing through my mail, I saw this in the Williams Sonoma Catalogue.

Advertised as THE BEST ironing board ever.  First of all, who out there barely irons anymore? Secondly, who would be in their right mind to pay the walloping price of $179.00 for this? Come on, for that price, it should DO the ironing!

It's a crazy day, I can tell all ready.

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