Friday, January 27, 2012

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I was asked by another blog to be a guest blogger. The blog is a compilation of uplifting stories. I submitted this story.  It is true. "Chaz" is not my son's name,as most of you know, I had not asked his permission.  But the characters were all there.

The Blessing of a Dear Teacher

One February, after my husband received a job transfer, our family found ourselves moving to a new city.
The move from Appleton, Wisconsin to Tucson, Arizona weighed on my mind as it was in the middle of a school year. We had two young children and knew that the toughest time to move a child is Kindergarten/1st grade (not in high school as most people would guess).
As a young mother, my thoughts were about my kids. However, we also knew it was more important for the family unit to be together than to worry about timing the move. So off we went to start this new adventure together.
Once settled in our Arizona surroundings and the kids enrolled in their schools, my son "Chaz" was looking forward to Valentine's Day with his new Kindergarten classmates.
“Chaz came home that day with huge tears. I looked inside his Valentine's box. It was empty.”
A school note came home to make the traditional Valentine's box where all the kids would deliver Valentine's cards and treats to one another in the class.
Chaz and I dutifully went out and bought the goodies to decorate the Valentine's box to make this special for my son's new friends to deliver his Valentines.
February 14th came; an exciting day for a kindergartner to celebrate friendships, parties and good times.
However, Chaz came home that day with huge tears. I looked inside his Valentine's box. It was empty. I questioned him and then called his teacher.
Her response was, "I have twenty-seven students that keep me very busy. I guess I forgot to send a note home that we had a new student and the children should have increased their Valentines by one more."
I was beyond crushed for my little boy. I felt like crying right alongside Chaz.
We decided to walk out and get the mail. When we got to our mailbox, we found a huge envelope addressed to Chaz. He opened it and the contents spilled out: Valentines, lollipops and stickers from his old classmates from our former city. He beamed. It saved the day!
I "sucked it up" as Moms sometimes have to do when their little ones are hurting and I vowed right then and there that I would be forever grateful for his former Kindergarten teacher; this kind soul that remembered her student and acted out of complete thoughtfulness for Chaz.
That kindergarten teacher and I have remained friends for twenty-six years now. Her kindness and spirit indeed touched our lives.

Here is the kind kindergarten teacher that saved the day.  What a wonderful dear soul!


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