Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen and Diabetes

A few years back I invited my friends for a girl's weekend at Hilton Head, SC. We had a blast, chatting, drinking wine and walking the beach; albeit chilly beach that year!

We decided to take a tour of Savannah and stopped at Lady and Sons Restaurant, owned by Paula Deen. Truthfully, it was disgusting. I think there was enough oil in the our lunch to fill a car. The tomatoes were breaded and fried, the pickles were breaded and fried, even the French fries were breaded and fried. One of "the girls" decided her stomach just couldn't take all of the breading and frying, so she ordered a salad. The greens came swimming, I mean drowning, in salad dressing.

Now the Queen of breading and frying has diabetes- what a shock! Her answer is to cut her portion sizes. What, are you kidding me lady? Try some vegies without breading and frying! Ah well, to each their own, but to be an icon in the food industry and so totally disregard anything healthy boggles my mind. Use this lesson as an opportunity to educate and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

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