Friday, December 30, 2011

Time To Wrap Up 2011

I'm home again. Whew!  Nine solid days of partying! What a perfect Christmas; being with family and loving every minute.

I remember when the boys were small and had the days after Christmas off of school, they loved to be able to play all day long, in their jammies if they wanted to.  I, on the other hand, always wondered how we could possibly fit more toys and sports equipment into our house.  Somehow it always worked.

That is today...well, maybe not the toys and sports equipment, but I have lots of fun Christmas gifts I need to find a place for. I really do treasure the gifts people are so kind to give me.

Here's a little something I didn't expect, a Clarisonic facial cleaner.  I used it today and my skin feels soft as a baby's...well you know.

I actually asked for these.  I was so happy I got them.  I love these little casual shoes, so comfy and cute with all of my brown "fashions" for winter.

Foxtrot Freddie came through with my favorite fragrance, David Yerman.  Love it!

Look at this Sch-nazzy little techno accessory.  Now I can pretend it's just like my Mac!

This gift takes the cake.  Are you ready???  My 85 year old Queen Mum got me wrinkle cream!  Oh my, I chuckle every time I see it!

I got some other wonderful goodies as well, but they are in use and not around to take a quick photo.  A big thank you to everyone who remembered me with special treasures!

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