Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

I must admit, one of my all-time favorite things about decorating is lighting the Christmas tree and watching the ornaments sparkle in the twinkle lights. After many years of collecting ornaments, I have to say I get a little teary eyed when I unwrap all the little treasures and hang them on the tree. It beings back such wonderful memories of past Christmases and good times with family and friends.

I leave the tree lights on whenever we are home, day or night. It makes me smile each time I pass by.

I have a share of religious themed ornaments. Jesus is the reason for the season. For all of the hoopla involved, first and foremost Advent is the time to prepare for Jesus birth and life, culminating at Christmas to share His love for us.

I have a collection of roses as a tribute to our last name!

This little house and coffee cup is to remind me of all the guests that have passed through our doors at Christmas time and through the year. 

This little cookie tree ornament is actually a copy of a Scandinavian tradition to make real cookies and hang them on a tree. I did this for several years.  A neighbor man made me a 3 foot tall red dowel cookie tree and I hung gingerbread men on the tree.  They didn't last long!

These ornaments are for Foxtrot Freddie.  If he isn't on the dance floor, he's playing golf or tennis!

I had some great real esate clients throughout the years that remembered me at Christmas with cute little ornaments.

I laugh every time I see this Ho-Ho-Ho!  Add bling and feathers to Santa and you get...a good chuckle!

This is my new favorite.  I got this last year when I was in Rome for my birthday. I actually saw this little Pinocchio being made.  Ahh, such grand memories.

I had a tradition of getting my sons an ornament a year, every year since they were born. I thought long and hard about what captured their personality each year and tried to mirror that in a special ornament. I gave this up a few years ago.  After all, they had over 2 dozen ornaments.  Now it is time they decorate their own Christmas tree and make their own memories.  I mailed the ornaments to them and as I wrapped the box I sighed. Such beauty in life to pass on!

I have a treasure tree as well.  It is a separate gold tree with 20 Swarovski crystal ornaments on it.  My sister started that collection for me the very first year Swarovski started their ornament collection.  I am lucky enough to have every single collectible piece! 

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