Monday, December 12, 2011

Gingerbread House Making Party

It's kind of like the old Amish barn raising, only with a jingle to it! My dear, creative friend has a gingerbread house making party for her granddaughter and little great nephews and nieces.  She is a saint! Having a whole table full of sugary elves could get a little crazy!

I am so jealous!  If you haven't tried this, you must!  I had the opportunity to have a gingerbread house making party with my little sweetpea a couple of years ago.  I thought it would be a great tradition, but that never worked out.  I miss it!

Now it's so easy.  Look at this!  You can buy the gingerbread house and all the candy trimmings for $7.00 at Walmart! 

Come on, cover the table with plastic (also the kids!) and let them go to town.  Put on the Christmas music, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and have an old fashioned Christmas Gingerbread house raising! (Licking your fingers and eating the gum drop shingles is allowed!)

**As a post script to this post, my dar friend who has these parties had some additional tips for us. 
-Buy the gingerbread houses on sale.
-The best way to have the party is to have the houses together and dried before the party starts.  Her favorite method of house construction is to hot glue the gingerbread houses together.  As she says, "Who eats these things anyway?  They taste like cardboard, are dry and flavorless. "  True! Thanks for the tips!

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