Monday, November 14, 2011

Work Day

I am still working on the Christmas decorations.... Man-o-man, do they mulitply at night? I am trying to clean them out, organize, glue the broken ones that are valuable to me or just plain toss them if they are too shabby.

I took out all of my boxes and my house is in shambles. One almost needs a GPS to maneuver from the bedroom to the kitchen and not trip over boxes.

The good news is it is getting better.  You know that old saying, it has to get worse before it gets better.  Well, I have certainly seen the worst!

But today was full of fun surprises.  I found ornaments I forgot I had.  Look at this little guy.  I laughed out loud when I unwrapped it from the tissue paper.  It is a Wisconsin Cheeshead ornament my friends gave me when we left Milwaukee.  It is so silly, it looks like a cross between Howdy Doody with his goofy grin to the crazy cheesehead!

Then I have my favorites, the Annual Swarovski crystal ornaments.  My sister started these the 1st year, that was 20 years ago and I have every one of them!  YEA!

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