Friday, November 4, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas, no place else like it in the whole world!  It is a sight to behold!  Bums on the streets, down on their luck, solicitors on the street corner hawking the best buffets throughout the city, and showgirls and beautiful people galore!

Not to mention the casinos, everywhere, including the grocery store, the local Walgreens and the airport!  Go figure.  As some would say, "Ya gotta make a buck!"

Here are some sights, some you might recognize, some maybe not so much...

I knew I was in for it when I got off the plane and had to stand in a line 7 rows deep and blocks long, just for a taxi! Evidently over 100,000 car dealers were arriving also.

Here's a sight you don't see everywhere...a 2 story jelly belly Statue of Liberty!  Made me chuckle!  Are you kidding?!?

The forever classy Prada has this elegant, yet simple rose sculpture out front of it's store.  I'm a little partial to beautiful roses, so I had to capture this one.

I walked for 6 hours straight, looking at the architecture.  Las Vegas architects are some of the most inventive around.  The handsome style of the Bellagio reflects beautifully in the lake in front of it. Of course, at night, this lake comes alive as a colorful, choreographed fountain, set to music.

The inside of the Bellagio isn't gaudy like some casinos.  It has class and reflects the season of the year. These are glass leaves in the glorious shades of autumn, the sun sparkles on the floor beneath them.

This is a 3 story crystal chandelier at the new Cosmopolitan Casino. On the "bling scale" it's dazzle is over the top!

Everything in La Vegas has to be bigger and glitzier than the last time you blinked your eyes.  It is definitely sensory overload!

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