Monday, November 21, 2011

Throw Pillows

I enjoy pillows on chairs and my sofa.  They are pretty to look at and add a bit of lumbar support to my guests.

However, my outdoorsy botanicals and bird pillows don't quite cut it during the holidays.  I looked and looked for some holiday type pillows.  Most were upwards of $50.00, closer to $80.  Considering I needed 8, I couldn't justify the purchase.  Besides, it goes back to the storage issue I am trying to control.

So, here's my plan...

First of all, I am a sucker for birds.  I love their color, their song and I enjoy watching them.  So when I saw this cardinal pillow ,on sale, it was calling my name. It had a companion, gold finch, that I bought too.  That took care of my family room.

Next came the formal living room.  I looked and looked.  I actually did buy a few, never liking them, the size, the color, the price, the value, so I returned them all and decided just to tie a big bow on my current throw pillows.

Lastly came the outdoor furniture.  I have seen some I loved, these were the $80. ones. And they go outdoors.  I don't think so!  So, instead, I went to Joannes' Fabrics, bought $6.00 of fabric and made "slip covers" for my summer outdoor pillows. Plus, they can slide off when the holidays are over and be stored flat in my bins.

Remember this?  It now looks like this....

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Cupcake said...

You're so smart! Nice ideas!