Friday, November 18, 2011

Let The Preparations Begin

It is the weekend before Thanksgiving.  If you didn't know that, walk into your local grocery store.  The displays are brimming with canned yams, fresh yams and turkeys in bins that are moving so quickly they don't even need to refrigerate them.

I read an article in the December, 2011 of Real Simple Magazine (one of my favorites) and it made great sense to me.

The title is "Indulge Without Overindulging" Great title, don't you think?

1. Don't skip meals. While one may want to bank calories, if you start drinking, you may be sorry.  For two reasons: one because of getting drunk faster and the other because the drunker you become, the less your resistance to the appetizers and the more you eat.
2. Count your bites.  Figure 60-70 calories a bite.  Can you imagine?  I have to try that next time.
3. Exercise.  If you are too busy for the gym, don't beat yourself up.  Rather, get exercise in another way, park farther from the store you are walking into, take the stairs, etc.
4. Weigh yourself everyday.  This will give yo an instant barometer of where you're at so you can adjust accordingly.
5. Drink less. Not only will you avoid hangovers, but there is a phenomenon called "Holiday Heart" where over imbibing can cause irregular heartbeats. To do this, have your drinks on ice. As the ice melts you will be able to sip longer. You may also want to use soda water as your mix.
6. Stop drinking earlier in the evening. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night after you have been drinking?  Even though drinking may put ou right to sleep, as the alcohol is metabolized, it interferes with your sleep REM patterns and cause you to miss your much needed rest.
7. Use weekend mornings to catch up on sleep.  Indulge yourself and allow a few more Z-Z-Z's in the am.
8. Make plans for January. Frequently people report "post holiday stress syndrome". That is when you weigh more, are deeper in debt and have the dark days of winter to contend with. Plan ahead.  Save some of your money for a little treat for yourself, whether it's a spa day, a weekend get away, or a sun-filled vacation.

As we prepare for Turkey Day and the festive weeks that follow, we can enjoy every aspect of it!

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