Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holiday Love

Can you feel the love tonight?  Sounds like a tune, right?  I can.  I'm in love with the holidays.  One one hand, it's only November 8th.  On the other hand, it's only 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.

Come on, be truthful!  Haven't you given some thought to the Christmas baking, the decorating and the overall joy the coming weeks will bring?

How about the whole house aroma of the baking golden turkey wafting through the air? M-m-m-m!  It's one of those memories that can prompt drooling come autumn!

Do you have any holiday crafts planned?  I have made my share, believe me! It all started back in the day with yarn loop hot pad holders. My cousin and I sat together at our family Thanksgiving feast and as soon as dinner was over, promptly excused ourselves to make two potholders for each female adult.  We finished them in an after noon.  I still think those quirky little hot pad holders are among the best!

My mind is spinning.  Yes, I know I have 6 weeks to decorate, shop, wrap, bake.....   But here's how I work...

I get everything done before Thanksgiving. That means shopping, wrapping, getting the cards done and ready to mail, and decorate so it's completed by the First Sunday in Advent (that means three days after Thanksgiving).

Then, for the next three weeks, plan get togethers, socialize, call my friends, have coffee with someone I don't usually have time for, and in general relish the holiday love!

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