Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I am curious...why is it that Christmas decorations look so shabby after just a few years?  After all, most of them are not cheap, they are quite pricey, actually.  Add to that, they are only on display about a month out of the year.  The other 11 months, they are packed neatly away in tissue and safely stored in boxes.

Collection of White House ornaments from White House Historical Society

I am going through all of my Christmas decorations.  I have box after box, like most of you do.  Every year, I say I will add only one item.  Every year I surpass that one item by quite a few more. I am not sure how they do it, but it seems they come out with prettier and classier decorations each year.

Carved wood Southwest Santa from my collection of over 65 Santas.

This year I have decided to "cull out" the decorations I no longer want.  Most of these cost a small fortune. I decided to put them on eBay. I was up the other night until 12:30, taking pictures and writing the ads to entice buyers to pick up my unwanted decorations.  Guess what?  Big success! They are selling like hotcakes!

                                                           9 inch solid glass Christmas tree from Murano, Italy

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