Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Cards

I am a sucker for Christmas cards.  Maybe there is a name for that, "The Hallmark Syndrome". It can't be cured. I know I tried. 

One year I sent internet ecards.  It was an interesting experiment. I worked very hard on going through the year's photos, limiting it to about 5-6 photos and writing a witty little saying under each photo.  What I found was that about 30% opened the card.  What does that mean?  The rest thought it was spam or the rest didn't know how to open the card?

I gave up on ecards for the time being. I know it has less of an ecological footprint, but it doesn't work for me.  I tried. Besides, I do like the tactile feel of a card in my hand. Besides, I'm sentimental.  I save all of the photos people send me each year.  Then I go back and match the families past pictures.  It's fun to see how families mature and grow.  Now I am getting second generation photos of little clones of the kids I once knew. 

I load up on Christmas cards on sale after the holidays and pack them away for the next year. About November 1st, I start my Christmas letter and select my photo. I try to have all of my cards written and stamped to be mailed the Monday after the first Sunday in Advent (usually the Sunday right after Thanksgiving).  I figure it's a good kickoff for the holidays.

It's quite a process. I write a Christmas letter.  I know that is a topic for hot dispute, but I enjoy receiving Christmas letters.  After canvassing my friends, they feel the same way. I do write a personal note on each card ranging from one sentence to several sentences. I enclose the photo and to the post office I go.

To me, receiving a Christmas card is like getting a gift from a dear friend or family member.  I am excited to read every single one!

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