Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday


Where did the stores get off on opening on Thanksgiving Day? I suppose people do go shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  But they are the stragglers. Just like there are a few who have Chinese food for Christmas.  Some do, but not the norm.

So, we should change history, just because of a few stragglers?

I enjoy shopping Black Friday. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It's the hunt. You stand in line in the wee hours just before dawn. You strike up a conversation with the people in the line both in front and in back of you.  You watch each other's spot when one goes to get coffee for themselves and you, save their place when nature calls and they soon get back where they left off. Then, when the clock strikes the magical hour, you rush in and collect the treasures.

Now, all the fun is gone.  One store opens at 10 pm, the other opens at midnight, still others are open all Thanksgiving Day, but you can't go into certain departments. What fun is this?

No never mind about the retail workers whose Thanksgiving Days are ruined by trying to get just a few hours of sleep before pulling an all-nighter. That's a very real issue and one to be addressed in a separate blog post.

You will be proud to know I did my part in protest the Thanksgiving Eve openings.  I went to bed and didn't frequent the stores until the normal pre-dawn hours.  Just as the sun was peeking out of the darkness, into the day, I pulled out of my driveway, coffee in hand, listening to the Christmas music, heading to my favorite stores to pick up the few items on my list. But it's changed. No more camaraderie, no more lines of happy anticipatory shoppers. Just the ka-ching of cash registers. I'm afraid this is here to stay.

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