Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 24

Photo Of A Book You Are Reading

I pick up something and read a bit of it, set it down and pick up something else. 

 Or...I pick up something and cannot put it down until I read every word, so forget dinner, appointments and bedtime, I am reading.  This last style of reading is best saved for airplane trips and vacations. 

I am reading:
1. Handyman Magazine; love this magazine!  It has so many helpful hints in it!For example, if you put a plastic bag over your paint tray, then pour your paint, clean-up is a lot easier as you can just toss the plastic bag liner.
2. I have "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" on my Kindle right now.
3. I have "My Sister's Keeper" on my iPad right now.

Why do I have both a Kindle and an iPad?  Because you can't read an iPad outside, too much glare.  The Arizona weather is too perfect to be inside reading.  It's glorious sitting in the courtyard, reading and listening to the waterfall in the background. 

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