Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photo A Day Challenge: Day 11

Take a Photo Of Your Pet

I love pets!  I have had so many and each one was very special to me.

This is Fritz the Dalmatian.  He was a love. He was my pillow when I was little and what a great family dog.

Then came Junebug my horse.  Loved, loved, loved my horse! She took my girlfriend and myself through our small town. I can't even yet tell everyone what we did on that horse.  Suffice to say she was better than "wheels" in our later years.

Frannie, our poodle was our early married years pet.  Seems like everyone needs an early married pet. They are practice for having kids.  Frannie lived for 16.5 years!

Then came Chelsea our Airedale.  As good as Frannie was , Chelsea was 180 degrees the other way!  This cutesy picture belies her extremely poor temperament.

All little kids need a pet.  Little boys and Larry were like bread and butter.  They just went together.  Larry was the best dog!! You can see he was a good sport for two busy young guys!

Now I have 4 grand doggers. I enjoy them when I get to see them.  I love those furry creatures!

However, once my kids left home, something came over me.  I guess it's pretty common. It's wanting to be totally unencumbered. So this is as much of a pet as I want these days.  Yup, sad, but true.  Two glass goldfish in a crystal jar!  And you know what, they are about all I want to care for now!

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