Sunday, September 18, 2011


We were lucky once again to be invited to join our friends for the SAF Convention in Palm Springs, CA.  SAF is the Society of American Florists.  There are classes pertinent to the florists and unbelievable arrangements, changed several times a day.

Here are some new design trends....

The combination of the yellow and cream accented by lavender or gray is very striking!

Check this out, they have added fruit with the floral arrangements, mostly to line a vase.  Now they are incorporating the fruit in the arrangement.

The tall vases for tables have been around for quite sometime.  Now they are lighting the vase with novelty LED lights, instead of the typical votive candle (a fire hazard now forbidden by many convention
venues). Also, outside down vases make a glamorous platform for the smaller floral arrangement.

This makes quite a statement; several smaller vases with one kind and one color of the same flower, circling a different center focal point (in this case a taller vase filled with water and the floating novelty LED lights)

This was all over; the simple vase, square or round, with just a blossom or two. The vase is then decorated with a ribbon (or in this example a wire with pearl beads) tightly wound around it's exterior.

The ballroom lighting was not with the humongous ceiling chandeliers or the more common "twinkle" lights, but with "up lighting" of the walls, in this case, a soft orange, to match the decor of the tables. It was a warm light and made the room positively glow.

Such creativity, such fragrance, it is always a paradise to gaze upon when I walk into those ballrooms. I'm in awe of this floral world!

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