Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Power of Prayer

What, with this being the Sabbath and all, thought I'd post a religious thought.  Not that this is a religious blog, but....

Last week when we were with our dear friends, my friend Nan was commenting on how she missed her Mom who recently passed away after a long and lovely life.  She had 11 children, of which my friend Nan is her 11th.  I met Nan's Mom many times throughout our long friendship.  She was a sweet, feisty woman, who loved a little wine, played with all of her grandkids and great grandkids and in general, had the sweetest disposition you could ask for.  Her son-in-law, Paul, gave her such a hard time and she'd sit back with a twinkle in her eye and give it right back to him.  I guess with 11 kids, she had seen/heard it all before.

Her 11 kids married, had kids, they had kids and before she passed, she had quite a troop of offspring. I asked Nan what she thought were the best things her Mom did for her. She said, "She really gave us two lessons in life that have carried me through. One is to never carry a grudge. The other is to never be jealous."
Think of it, what peace in our lives would that bring to us if we all carried those two lessons throughout our lives.

Then I asked what was the best gift your Mom gave you?  She thought for quite awhile and said, "With 11 kids, spouses and offspring, she couldn't afford presents for all of us, but she prayed for all of us.  She let us know she was praying for us. That was her special gift."

Perhaps all of us Moms should be more like Nan's Mom and offer our children those gifts. Gifts they would be lucky to receive.

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