Thursday, August 25, 2011


I got a "wild hair" the other day. I think that's what Grandma called them when you get an idea and it is off the wall.  Most often, it's good to table the "wild hairs" till you can think them through thoroughly. 

However, this time I didn't, I acted on it.

You see, seven years ago when we moved into this house, I put white carpeting in all the bedrooms.  Bad choice; looked great but bad choice. I had it cleaned by the best guy in town (my opinion) but even he couldn't get it as clean anymore.

Enter my wild hair...

I decided on a Monday to get some estimates. By Tuesday night I had estimates on tiling my 3 secondary bedrooms (2 of which are now used for offices), and re-carpet my master bedroom. I signed the contracts, paid my money down, and the next Monday all hell broke loose around this house.

Last Monday the tile was delivered and the guys set out to remove the dingy white carpet. On Tuesday the tiling started, on Wednesday the carpet was installed, On Friday the tiling was finished and the painters came (figured since everything was out of the bedrooms and closets it was a good time to "spiff" things up.)

This Monday the tile was sealed. Tuesday I started cleaning the fine grout dust all over this house, the shutters, the furniture, everywhere. It took me the better part of three days to clean up the mess and put the rooms back together..

Today, thank God, this wild hair is over.  Whew!

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