Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tripping Down Memory Lane

Sometimes you think of things-who knows what triggered the thought. 

Today is one of those days. I guess it all started with looking at a website of vintage toys and kitchen items.
This place has some fun goodies. Like this box of marbles, pick up sticks, jacks and a yo-yo...

Then my thoughts turned to some of the other old things I remember and I was wondering if they are available on the internet.

Of course, they are!  You can buy anything on the internet.

Remember this? (I just got rid of one and now I find they are in high demand!) Wouldn't you just know it?!?

There are these little items.  Let me tell you, I spent many a teenage day coveting one of these babies, hauling the long cord into my bedroom and gossiping with all of my friends for hours.

Our family gathered around one of these for years..Not an Admiral like the one pictured, but a Zenith (made in the USA).  We were one of the lucky families as the "high fidelity stereo" was built in!  ZOWIE!  I listened to everything from Guy Lombardo to The Bickersons to The Everly Brothers to The Beatles on this deal.

Imagine what our kids are going to remember!

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