Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Every year Freddie and I celebrate our anniversary doing something special.  This year, number 41 for those of you counting, was to Tennessee.  Our first stop was Nashville, the Country Western Capital of The World. We had to stop and see the famous Wildhorse Saloon, which boasts the biggest dance floor in Nashville.  Every night they have dance lessons and we thought we'd be able to join in.  But when the lesson was line dancing we opted out and had fried dill pickles and  BBQ ribs instead.

We had tickets for Allison Kraus and The Union Station at the original Grand Ole Opry House (now called the Ryman Auditorium). The acoustics are amazing.  The  auditorium has wood floors and when the fiddles get roaring and the cowboy boots of the fans keep time, the place literally vibrates.

Staying at the Opryland Hotel was phenomenal.  The rooms had just been redecorated and the atrium gardens were at their peak.  It was a sight to behold!

Freddie and I took advantage of several "Kodak" moments!

Doesn't this next photo remind you of every country song?  "I've lost my honey, my house and my dog...all I got is this ole' gui-tar."  So, here he is folks, sleeping it off on the street between all of the honky tonk bars, with his trusty guitar by his side.

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