Monday, August 8, 2011

Heart Stones

I have been trying to collect rocks shaped like hearts for years.  They are relatively difficult to find.

Then I read this book, calling them "Nature's Gift"- I believe that! It is such a gift to find one of these fun heart-shaped stones.

What a treat!I agree with the book, to find the quintessential symbol of love, free for the finding, there in nature, is such a gift. Some are not perfect, in fact, most heart stones aren't.  That is what makes them even more special, for you see, love isn't perfect, it has it's chips, lop-sidedness and flaws.  But the shape and the lasting endurance of the stone, like real love, is there.

When we were on the north shore of Lake Superior I was fortunate to find a couple of heart stones, made my whole trip!!

Here is my collection...

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