Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food For The Fifties

It all started when....

Foxtrot Freddie and I were having a dinner party last Sunday. We spent a little time in the pool earlier that afternoon and I was anguishing over what salad to make with our pork tenderloin. He, kiddingly said, "How about red jello with bananas?" And so it began....

We reminisced over what Sunday dinners used to be when we were kids. All the foods were either fresh, homemade or at that point convenience foods, which consisted, basically of jello.  Then our conversation turned to the absurd. It went something like, "Back then you rarely heard of cancer, Alzheimer's or autism.  So, we concluded, all of these diseases must be due to the lack of red jello in our diets!  Seems like a reasonable conclusion, right?  NOT! But like I said, our conversation turned to the absurd, with interspersed with lots of laughter.

I carried this to the extreme and had a little fun with it, writing my peeps to determine what dinners/food they remembered from their youth.  Here's the verdict.

Lime jello with cottage cheese, pineapple and celery
Red jello with bananas (2 votes)
Leaf lettuce from the garden with vinegar/oil/sugar homemade dressing
Cole Slaw
Potato Salad

Tuna casserole with olives
Fried chicken (2 votes)
Sloppy Joes

Fresh green beans (boil the hell out of 'em)
Any in-season garden veggie
Canned green beans; boiled till they were gray

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing
Yellow cake with chocolate icing; must be served out of an aluminum cake pan with sliding lid
Pineapple upside down cake
Chocolate pudding with fresh whipped cream
Tapioca pudding with sugar wafers
Strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream; all homemade

Maybe what we need is a "Food for the 50's Party" complete with costumes and music to dance to

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