Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Flowers

I am not very often speechless,  but when I saw the flowers at the reception all I could muster up was "WOW!!"

This wonderful man put it all together.  His wifey certainly had a big part in it too. But mostly it was his creative genius and loving dedication that made it all come together.  We are forever grateful.

The bride's mother is no longer with us in person, but she was certainly with us in spirit on this magical day.  Mr. R captured her in a touching photo nestled in the bride's bouquet. It was a special moment.

Pink and bling were there and accounted for in a big way.  Every table had it's own personality with a different gorgeous bouquet on each.

 Then there was the magnificent cake topper on a most delicious cake.

After his work was completed, the oohs and ahhs still continue.  But hopefully he was able to have some fun!

 We love you guys!  xxoo


Ann said...

The pictures of the wedding are wonderful. I can't wait for you to post more and more. I LOVE the picture of the bride seeing the picture of her Mom in the bouquet, what a very special touch.

Anonymous said...

lovely!! would love to see pictures of the wedding party if you have them :)