Tuesday, July 5, 2011

R-O-A-D T-R-I-P!!!

The memories of a road trip gets seared into the brain.  Remember when you were a kid and the ride took forever?  I always liked road trips.  I enjoy the scenery, the people watching at all of the stops, singing to the top of my lungs to ABBA and in general, the freedom of the open spaces.  I do not enjoy the gas station bathrooms or all of the eating I do along the way.  I could never be a truck driver, I'd weight 1000 pounds!  I munch all day long. this time I took carrots and rice cakes.  Let me tell you they don't hold a candle to Snickers bars and BBQ potato chips! But I have a dress to fit into!

When is a road trip not fun? When you are only 160 miles out of town on a 3000+ mile road trip and you see this?  Yup, you got it, "CHECK ENGINE" light.  Ugh!  Of course, I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at the time (actually only the Rockies, but what does it matter when the "CHECK ENGINE" light is on?  Crap!

I called my wonderful, awesome mechanic in Scottsdale and he walked me through my anxiety attack.  All is well.  Did you know Auto Zone has a diagnostic tool that can tell you what is wrong with your car and  the best part is...it's FREE!  Yea Auto Zone!!!

 I found an Auto Zone at the next town (200 miles away) and no problemo.  It was just a dried out shriveled up gasket on the gas cap that made the electronic system in the car light up that horrible "CHECK ENGINE" warning.

On I went.  I decided to go "tripping down memory lane".  I know you want to see......

My first home (from the hospital as a newborn!) I love this old historic home.

My second home in River City, IA! The garage looks bigger than the house in this picture-it's really not.  Blame the photographer.

The walking bridge from The Music Man-no kidding, that's what the story is created after.

My favorite old wishing well at the county park Grandma used to take me to for picnics. I think Norman Rockwell could paint his all time best picture here-it's a magical place, even today!

The bandshell where we used to go listen to the community bands every Sunday night in the summer.

You know in the Midwest, the saying is "It will be a good year if the corn is knee high by the 4th of July."  I had to pull over, stop the car, walk through the ditch and stand next to the corn (it was hard to tell how high it was driving down the highway).  It was past my waist!  Good luck to the farmers!

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