Friday, July 29, 2011

Homemade Pie

I love pie.  It's my favorite dessert...well, except for Haagen Daz Rum Raisin Ice Cream.

When we were traveling through northern Minnesota, the people "up north" take their pie seriously. Betty's Pies near Grand Marais, was the gold standard, until "Betty" got too big for her britches (according to the locals) and changed some ingredients.

Now it's the Rustic Inn that is touted for having the best pies in the area.  It's an adorable little log cabin restaurant on scenic Highway 61 north of Duluth.

Oh my, the pie was delicious!  Homemade lard crust.  (Lard crust is not my idea of a good thing, but after taking Food Science 101, a purist would know that makes the best pie crust.) You see, it is golden and flaky and melts in your mouth.

Next is the fresh fruit.  I had to ask.  Yes, the fruit is as fresh as can be-nothing canned here. They hire extra help in the summer to "flash freeze" all of the fruit that is brought in as soon as it is picked.

Lastly, the syrup cannot be gummy". You know the commercial grade of starch is the consistency of...well...snot (sorry for that one). Yes, it's that consistency, which is the reason I hardly ever order pie when eating out. You see it's actually gum based.

The sauce has to be smooth, creamy and hint the flavor of the pie.  The real flavor of the pie comes from the fruit.

We tried Rhubarb, Summer Berry (a mixture of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) and Angel Lemon, a melt-in-your mouth concoction with the delicate flavor of lemon and whipped cream!

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