Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cooking Class

My good buddy and partner in crime, AKA a foodie, decided to take in a cooking class at a local establishment in Minneapolis called The Kitchen Window.  This store is so cool.. it has all kinds of gizmos and gadgets for the kitchen, as well as some pretty nifty classes.

Liz and I took the "grilling class".  We really didn't care what class we took, this one happened to fit into our schedule.  Turned out, it was a great choice!

We reviewed cuts of meat, select, choice and prime...and got to sample each one!

We learned the taste difference between grass fed and aged beef...

We learned how to "plank" grill mashed potatoes-yummy! If you're interested, you mash the potatoes, put them in a rectangle shape on a soaked cedar plank, grill till hot and just before serving, we made a seasoned butter out of butter and sun-dried tomatoes.

We drank a lot of wine....forgot the photo of this one...wonder why!

We had a terrific dinner-and an even better evening! Great place for a fun time!

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